Hot Summer Weathers!

It’s been so HOT for the past several days! Even La Jolla is in the 90s! I felt like there was water on my skins ALL THE TIME!
Hard to imagine the people in Arizona… 110? That’s just STEAMING HOT!

Hot summer weathers

6 Responses to “Hot Summer Weathers!”

  1. AsceticMonk Says:

    My mom, who is in ShangHai right now, got sick because of heat.

    She lived in SD for 9 years, and just recently returned to China. I think her body cannot adjust to the humid and hot weather over there yet.

  2. kingler Says:

    hope she’s better now.
    The weather here in SD is too mild compared to that in Shanghai.
    I guess I might also get sick if I were back home in the summer.

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  6. speeding Says:

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