Web-based Operation System?

Rumors are floating around about the possible coming Google Operation System. I am rather reluctant to believe in such a rumor, but it is quite clear now Google is definitely not just a search engine!

Anyway, what’s not a rumor is that there is already a web-based OS-like system available: eyeOS. Try the “Test eyeOS” link in the left menu on their site. It is actually pretty impressive, with a nice user interface and some basic functionalities. The technology behind the scene is not very new: PHP, AJAX, Javascript. However, the idea of making desktop applications in a web browser is quite new.

The desktop widgets in Konfabulator or Dashboard use the concept of showing information gathered from the Internet in a nice Desktop application environment, and the eyeOS just does an opposite thing by bringing a desktop environment into a web browser.

The web and the desktop is merging together, and we’ll see more integrations in the near future. I bet.

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