Black Friday Shopping

I got up around 3:30am on BF and the sale was already online! After ordering a few items online, I went to the nearest Circuit City store, only to find a long line outside (more than 200 people in such a small store…) Geeze, they must get up at 1am or had never gone to bed. The store opened at 5am, and luckily enough, I grabbed all I need.

Meanwhile, my friends in the local Fry’s Electronics stores started the craziness among a huge crowd of more than 1000 people, and managed to get me the free hard drive! Great job!

After checking out of Circuit City, I rushed to Staples around 6 and met some other friends who went there at 3:30. Without them, I would never get a chance to see that free prepaid cell phone. Sweet…

Now that the madness is over, it’s time to take a good rest and start dealing with a whole bunch of rebates :)

A list of what I got:

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  1. AsceticMonk Says:

    Lucky you, you got the shredder. I got there too late, like after 7am. But I did get the chair that I wanted, so I am content.

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