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Ad-free Opera 8.0.2 Browser! 10-year celebration

Tuesday, August 30th, 2005


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List of Mac Tiger Universal Binaries compiled for PowerPC and Intel x86 platforms

Thursday, August 25th, 2005

Now lots of people are compiling the open source application for Mac PPC platform into an universal binary.

To make it easier to find these testing binaries, I made a list here:

Take a look at some online forums for more information:

Updated on 09-01-2005

A List of Universal Binaries for Mac OS X Tiger

Thursday, August 25th, 2005

Update 3 (10/9/2006):  This list is getting rather old, but I guess I will just keep it as a proof for the history. For new Intel-native application lists, take a look at the latest universal builds on osx86project Wiki page.Update 2 (04/20/2006): As the new intel Macs become available, everyone is hopping on the “Universal” switch. What a successful switch to Intel, Apple!

Update 1 (11/17/2005): these universal build won’t work on the new 10.4.3 intel developer Tiger system.

Here is a list of universal binaries for both PowerPC and Intelx86 platforms.
Most of them are NOT official release yet, so, be prepared for bugs.

Internet Browsing / Emails / Remote Control/FTP etc:

- Firefox 1.0(Internet browser)

- Camino (Internet browser)

- Thunderbird 1.0 (E-mail client)

- Chicken of the VNC (VNC remote control client, compiled by myself)

- CyberDuck (FTP client)

- web kiosk application

- iStumbler (wireless, bluetooth discovery tool)

- Tomato Torrent (bittorrent download)

Text Editors:

- BBEdit (famous text editor)

- SubEthaEdit (text editor that supports multi-user collaboration)

Instant Messager/IRC Clients:

- Adium X (IM Client, supports AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, etc)

- Colloquy (IRC & SILC Client for chatting)

- X-Chat (A X-windows client with Perl and Python scripting support)

- MacIrssi (open-source IRC client)

- Fire (another free Instant Messaging client, but it supports Google Talk!)

Media :

- LiveQuartz Image Editor(a simple image editor)

- VLC (media player)

Desktop/System Enhancement:
- DragThing (dock designed to tidy up your Macintosh desktop)

- SyncupX (a backup application)

- Fazesoft AddressWeb (converts Mac OS X address book into an HTML document)

- Xbench (Benchmarking software)


- DosBox86 (DOS emulator to run old games)

- Snes9X (Super Nintendo emulator to play lots of games)

- Quake II (familiar with this name? you should be)


- NeuroLens (environment for the analysis and visualization of functional neuroimages)

Modified Date: 04-20-2006

Google Talk vs. MSN Messenger

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005

Somewhat as expected, Google introduced their version of IM messager, called Google Talk. So, for now, we have three major websites competing with very similar line of services: Search Engines, Map Service, Instant Messager, Email, and Blog. Tight competition will defintely urge the companies to provide better services. This is really good news for end-users.