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Monday, October 31st, 2005

It's Halloween Inuyasha
It seems everyone is celebrating halloween. Even Inuyasha? :)

Photo from deviantart

Web-based Operation System?

Friday, October 21st, 2005

Rumors are floating around about the possible coming Google Operation System. I am rather reluctant to believe in such a rumor, but it is quite clear now Google is definitely not just a search engine!

Anyway, what’s not a rumor is that there is already a web-based OS-like system available: eyeOS. Try the “Test eyeOS” link in the left menu on their site. It is actually pretty impressive, with a nice user interface and some basic functionalities. The technology behind the scene is not very new: PHP, AJAX, Javascript. However, the idea of making desktop applications in a web browser is quite new.

The desktop widgets in Konfabulator or Dashboard use the concept of showing information gathered from the Internet in a nice Desktop application environment, and the eyeOS just does an opposite thing by bringing a desktop environment into a web browser.

The web and the desktop is merging together, and we’ll see more integrations in the near future. I bet.

Ready for Pumpkins?

Tuesday, October 18th, 2005

Are you in Halloween spirits yet? Prepared for the trick or treat?

In case you are still not aware of the coming holiday, get ready for some pumpkin fun!

You may have seen this Powerpoint show, PumpkinFaces.pps , sometime ago. But still it is fun to watch all these faces carved on the pumpkins :)

The artist who cut all the pumpkins can be found at

Take a look at the FAQ section, you’ll find that the Powerpoint file was not made by the artist himself. And the show keeps drawing more and more visitors to his site and i guess that’s just the power of Internet, isn’t it?

Apple’s new products

Wednesday, October 12th, 2005

With all the rumors floating around, Apple released two major new updates:
one is the long-waited video iPod, which attracts all the attention from the media.

new iPod

the other one is an iMac, with a remote control and build-in iSight, making it essentially a Media Center.


According to a CNN news report, last quarter Apple sold 6.5 million iPods! Geez, they are doing pretty well!

Hopefully, with all the money they make from iPod, Apple would bring out an even better operation system. I like the 10.4 Tiger, but I am kind of reluctant to upgrade from Panther, just because of all the software incompatibility. Anyway, i am still waiting to see more from Apple :)

UPDATE on 10-21-2005:
Wow! Apple released a new line of PowerMac: Two dual-core G5 chips = QUAD processors! This is way cool. But I guess many people would wait for the Intel Macs. With hyperthreading, two dual-core Intel chips would be equal to 8 processors (rumor here)!