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WordCamp 2007: Part 1

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

Last weekend, I went to WordCamp 2007 in San Fransisco. In case you didn’t get the news, WordCamp is the annual gathering of WordPress bloggers and developers. This year’s event was packed with 2 days of great talks, but I only got the chance to attend the second day, which focused on developers and the future of WordPress. George, however, attended the first day and mentioned that the talk on SEO tips given by Matt Cutts from Google was pretty good. Wish his slides were published somewhere.

As a WordPress plugin developer and also a wp-hacker, I was quite excited about the technical stuff the core WP developer team talked about during the second day.

The first talk(view the slide here) was from Barry and Matt. Barry, the sysadmin, mentioned some amazing stats from and talked about the performance tuning, like APC and WP-CACHE. Matt then introduced HyperDB, the failsafe/redundant/cluster MySQL database class used in the backend. Although I am on the HyperDB maillist since day one, I was having doubts about HyperDB. However, from what Matt talked about, HyperDB does actually many things that I have in mind. Coupled with the new MySQL Proxy, High Availability WordPress clusters would be much easier to build now.

[to be continued...]