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Annoying keystrokes problem in VMWare

Sunday, November 19th, 2006

While working with a Linux virtual machine, an annoying error keeps flashing past on the console:

Unknown key pressed

Sometimes it even prevents me from logging into the system.

At first, I thought it might be just a problem with this specific flavor of Linux. But the error just kept coming back even after changing to other Linux distributions.

After a bit of Google searching I located a blog article here, describing the same problem and it was caused by the Microsoft Wireless Keyboard I am using!

To solve this problem, two commands are needed to reset the extra keystrokes scancodes to blank:

setkeycodes e001 125
setkeycodes e059 126

Float’s Mobile Agent 2

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

If you have a SONY-Ericsson cell phone, definitely you should take a look at this software: FMA.

With an USB bluetooth dongle, I managed to connect a T616 phone to my PC using FMA software. You should upload images or ringtones to the phone, and even games. Using this method, I have installed several JAVA games onto the T616, including a poker game :)

Anyway, another cool thing FMA can do is to use the joystick on your cell phone to control softwares running on your PC. Imagine your cell phone as a remote to pause a movie, or navigate through your PowerPoint presentations. It is way cool! Try it out. For me, the bluetooth wireless connection works quite well.

San Diego Travel Tips

Thursday, December 8th, 2005

Visiting San Diego? Here are some tips.

If you just started to research the

RSS reader for Firefox

Saturday, September 10th, 2005

As more and more friends are setting up their own blog sites, I found it a bit overwhelming to check for updates everyday.

MSN messenger has a good feature for its MSN Spaces, which put a star right in front of the name in the contact list, indicating that person has an updated blog entry. However, it only works for MSN Spaces users.

An alternate way I found is to use the RSS feed for the blog sites. If you are using Firefox(if not, try it and you’ll love it), you can install an extension called Sage: RSS Reader. Basically Sage can maintain a list of RSS feeds from your friends’ blogs, and check for updates with a single click. In order to find RSS feed on any site, you can simply use the “Discover Feed” button to search the current page.

The dafault CSS style sheet for Sage is not that great, but you can always design your own. I modified a copy of geckozone css stylesheet. You can download it here and change the option in Sage in order to use it.

Update on 9/13/2005:
Oh, forgot to say, Opera 8 has Newsfeed feature built-in, which works pretty much like the Safari browser in Mac OS X Tiger. When you visit a site with RSS feed links, a small RSS icon will show up in the address bar. By clicking that icon, you can subscribe to that feed. Or you can manually enter the feed link by managing the newsfeed. The update is by default set to be every 3 hours (but i like the DIY click and update feature in Sage for Firefox, though). The only problem with Opera newsfeed is that you cannot specify your own CSS stylesheet like Sage does.