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iCal, gCal or HipCal?

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005


I have been trying to find a good online calendar to keep my life organized (well, sort of).

Apple’s iCal is not bad, butI cannot use it on my XP box. GNU gcal on Linux suffers the same problem.

Google might be thinking about online calendar as well. The subdomain is active for several months now and it might come up any time I guess. Take a look at some discussions at Google Groups.

Yahoo! offers a good online calendar, but I don’t like the interface that much. So, finally it comes to the HipCal. It is a nice calendar service enabled by AJAX. Try the demo and you will like it. Although it is still in beta test, the interface is almost quite polished. And the hippo is nice :)

Apple might release Intel-based systems as early as Jan 2006!

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005

The rumor (AppleInsider) has it: Apple could ship the first Intel-based Macs in Jan 2006, almost half a year earlier.

The first models could be an iMac or PowerBook with Intel version of Tiger system installed. As the leaked 10.4.3 Developer version of Tiger x86 suggests, most of the softwares will be run smoothly on the new Macs. Using the rosetta technology, even the PowerPC-based programs should still be usable on the new system.