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UCSD in 1968

Friday, May 4th, 2007

The other day, one of our lab engineers brought an old book over. It is the 1968 Trident! In case you are too young to know the name (just like me), Trident is the Year Book for graduates of UCSD at that time.

1968 is actually a very important year in the history of UCSD. The first undergraduate class of UCSD was admitted in 1964, so 1968 was the first class of UCSD graduates! Anyway, the photo below is the campus photo. At that time, only Revelle College was there. In the 40 years after this photo was taken, UCSD has grown to 6 colleges and more than 20000 students. What an accomplishment!

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UCSD in 1968

For comparison, you can take a look at the recent satellite and aerial images. Google Maps, and Microsoft Live Local, or the official UCSD Maps.